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September 2014 in Lviv
XXІ Book Forum

September 11-14, 2014, an event having no rivals in the literature life of Ukraine takes place in in Lviv. This year: 55 different locations, more than 700 events, over 200 hundred publishers, 300 authors from 23 conuntries all over the world! Definitely worth taking part!


Festival of Polish and Ukrainian Partnership

September 05-08, 2014 For the third time, Polish and Ukrainian culture meet on Rynok Square in Lviv. Due to political crisis, no big concerts planned, but that does not mean, that you should miss the opportunity!


Coffee Fest

September 18-21, 2014 Lviv has always been famous as the city of coffee. The coffee culture of the city will be promoted during The Coffee Festival. Bathed in the aroma of coffee, you can taste the drinks and enjoy the conversations that are integral attributes of the coffee culture.

…and many more! Every week, and especially weekend in Lviv is full of different events, so if you are looking for something special, you can always ask us for info!

AND OF COURSE – you can book a place in Central Square, you’ll be as close as possible to any event :)